Witness wildlife up close for unforgettable experiences on the island. The crack of a whale‘s dorsal fin on the ocean’s surface is a truly awesome encounter. Experience the splendor of watching an eagle soars overhead, or watch inn quiet wonders as a bear fishes for dinner at the river’s edge. The island offer visitors ideal access to their wildlife-rich habitat.      

Whale Watching The west coast is home to several species of whales, including orcas, humpbacks and greys. Join a tour by boat or zodiac, or take a guided kayak trip from many spots along the coast.

Admire bald Beauty Be awed by the amazing wingspan and impressive white head of bald eagles at gold stream Provincial Park or gulf island national park reserve.

Watch for bears Be on the lookout for bears grazing by the road between port hardy and port Mc Neil, or cruise by boat to view black bears and other wildlife wandering the shoreline. 

Play peek-a-boo with dolphins, seals and sea lions in the coastal water. Sightings are common.

Bring the binoculars View countless birds all over the island, including spots such as winter harbor, rough bay, zeballos estuary, god’s pocket marine provincial park near port hardy, and alert bay’s ecological park.

Parkville and Qualicum beach Between March and May, thousands of geese flock to these shores.

Courtenay Elegant trumpeter swans – sometimes up to 3,000 of them – start gathering here in November, wintering in the area before moving on in March.

The raptors Learn about eagles, hawks, falcon and other birds of prey and see flying demonstration at this venue in Duncan.

East Sooke Regional Park Turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons, marlins, American kestrels, cooper’s hawks, sharp – shinned hawks, northern harriers and bald eagles in this park on the southern tip of Vancouver island from mid September to late October.


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